genuine hive map

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Author APulse
Tags author:apulse basedgod featured unrated
Created 2013-04-10
Last Modified 2013-05-15
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Description bleh

edited so rules are no longer broken

This map was featured on 2015-02-28

I won’t lie to you guys, this contest was one of the weaker ones. It was a good idea, but I don’t think it was thought out properly. That didn’t stop APulse from making the best with what he was given. He took a boring tileset starter and spiced it up with his signature flair. I feel like I’m jumping around in a crystalline cave collecting precious gems. Stylish, clever, pretty, and fun. APulse has made many fantastic maps, but this one might be his crowning jewel. — Aidiera

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Rates are disabled xD.


A very fun map. I like the gold very much. 5/5
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The contestants had to craft a map without changing a small tileset they were given.
I've looked through a few maps, and I can't really seem to find a common theme at all. Something with tiles?

Oh yeah, and this map is great. I wouldn't say that it's APulse's best, but it's still a very good map.


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You won!

I´ve always liked your maps but didn´t know other people like them too. =D

Good job !

I like this a lot


its obvious this NUMACON judging was rushed lol...

this map is cool. personally I thought a hive map would be way too mainstream, but I guess not.

gratz again ;)

oop nevermind

can't believe i overlooked it :(
i'm pretty sure the base tiles are intact


Congrats on first! I believe you modified the base tiles in the top left.
well deserved i think. you really used the tiles well. and only using 2 gauss and 2 thwumps made the map calm but still deadly. here is an ok completion.
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I liked this a lot

way better than the last