Seasons Greetings- We Three Kings

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Author formica
Tags author:formica bitesized playable race rated
Created 2005-12-24
Last Modified 2005-12-24
by 32 people.
Map Data

Description I had a dream last night... I think it was sleep induced, but I'm no expert.

In this dream, I say a dark night sky. Lit up with something... unidentifiable. Shimmering, in the far off distance. And, towards it, strode three kings in glittering robes of rich, opulant reds and golds. Three Kings, riding on llamas through the desert wastelands, towards a glittering jewel in the far dessert. Three Kings, nobly pursuing that which would soon be born.

And they were doing it to The Choirboys "Run To Paradise".

(This map is a rather difficult puzzle/ race hybrid. The puzzle is finding out how on earth the race works. See my demo if you're still confused.
And, man was making a map out of a tileset anything like this difficult.)

Have a Happy Holiday, guys, be it religous or not.

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That's nice

I might even covert to Christianity anytime soon...NOT! Good map, though.


one of the most impressive maps by far. very clever race. very cool tileset. and how appropriate, with today being christmas and all. :D. 5/5


it was similar exept it involved mutant crabs ruling the earth and sending out a ruthless plaugue that destroyed mankind..... in fact i may make a map up about it... but im too lazy

Are going in the wrong direction the star's the other way!!! No wonder the shepereds got there first! Although I suppose they did get the whole "Choir of Angels" thing or was it army? Can't remember I like the idea of an army of angels though that's awesome. An army or verging-on-gay men in white suits playing harps coming to kick your ass, it'd be like smiting camp-style, anyway where were we?

Very fun map indeed

I love it! 5/5 and faved! And what got you started with your llama fetish? Lol.


this is amazing, i would give 5/5 for the tileset alone, so 5/5 and *favd*


I love how you managed to make a Race out of such unlikely shapes.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas people, im only a day away...

This map is cool...
But i had to see the demo to work it out...


Llama's in dessert


I figured, but I had to make sure. Excellent map, again.
Plus, I do have some pretty wild dreams.

N Art???

You could possibly even submit this as N art?


"...glittering jewel in the far dessert." Was that supposed to be desert, or was your dream like that? But whatever. Great map, I really like the strange flow. 4.5/5.


And solution for those of you who're slightly confused.
Demo Data