All-way DDA (novice level)

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Author Pixelwiz
Tags all-way-dda author:pixelwiz dda meh novice pixelwiz unrated
Created 2013-04-13
Last Modified 2013-04-13
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Description Even bigger. Once again, no change in DDA mechanics. Meh.

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Demo Data
1. Spamming Launchpads
2. Dieing (hold left didn't work)
3. Trapping Enemies
4. Using An Unused Trapdoor
2/5 for a DDA with all of this.

Speed run EVERYTHING. No exceptions:
Demo Data

Thanks to your

Churned-out-in-10-seconds maps, my last map got nothing.

PixelWiz/N_Comix, you shall pay. D=<
the left path doesn't work

Also, now that Pixel+Comic is quite clear. I'm off.
what about zoasBE?

Anyway, do not need to keep track of your actions. There are timers on all maps. And an unwriten rule that I'm pretty sure you already know, 2 maps at time in hot page, it's not me who has wrote it, but you should follow it as everyone here do.


oh god WHY, would zoasBE have multi-accounts?
I mean, he already suspected me of being you, Pixel.


you were actually KEEPING TRACK of my actions? are you zoasBE?

Is not that,

but you have posted today 5 maps in like three hours and the last three maps with an interval of 30 minutes, all of them in hot page now. You just need to be a bit more respectful to the work of other users here.

by the way

that's not sarcasm. I know it sounds like it, but it's not.
to actually notice that. Nice job. Looks like you're one of the less ignorant users.

Spamming the Hot-page again with some sort of shitty stuff and sending maps that really worth being here away??


I already know. I just know.