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Author lsudny
Tags author:lsudny lsudnytileset tileart tileset unrated
Created 2013-04-14
Last Modified 2013-04-14
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Description tiles

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Ty te┼╝ nie dodajesz nic nowego. = )

so when we collab

the title will be "HARVEY DENT - CAN WE TRUST HIM"


yeah i'm alive just disappointed in the new n lol it really sucks balls


how come you can't play n anymore?


I miss you


what's IRC? i've been seeing that name a lot.



I dunno.





yeah you too bro xD

don't forget

apt is due today!

I know right?

Such a good band.


Fun map :D
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2222 rates

preferrable 2 from my feature-worthy maps (see on profile)


wait what?

hey you never gave me the traded rces of mine :P


sure I am what?

excited..? I actually am, dude, I'm not lying.

I love milestone maps of cool authors. Also, just cause I said you were losing your style a few maps ago, you got it back... no offense and YES I AM EXCITED


500th coming up LIKE BEST DAY EVER

can't wait you are definite in-top-5 fave author make the best 500th every also we should collab right after it and EVERYONE will like be celebrating oMG

ok i sound drunk... sry XD

gdzie tu jest start?xD


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Pretty tiles.

I like this stile.
Demo Data

brilliant tiles

may use them in the future!

also, trust me. your maps aren't "shitting shit lately" they're actually really good. nice tiles, smooth aesthetics. everything a map should have. its your choice when to make your 500th. i just cant wait. its a pretty big milestone.