Hurricane Thwumpina!!

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune basedgod dda kradda rated rocket
Created 2013-04-17
Last Modified 2013-09-16
by 22 people.
Map Data

Description "Come aboard as we face a thwumpy typhoon amid a sea of hidden doors and tease the rocket shark before we finish our way to glory!"

This map is the first DDA entry for this month's NUMACON. While using only hidden doors and thwumps as means of propagation, this 41 second long KRA will surely enthrall you.
Track down the progress of this map here!! []

Rate, comment, enjoy and do wish me luck!!

Resub- removed the error at the end of the map.

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I like the no gold actually adds a bit of uniqueness to it.

pretty cool

and intence. i liked the thwump usage a lot. good DDA!

it is

im pretty sure the due date is even later than that :P

oh man...

i am disappointed with myself..... :(


Didn't even realize you said enthrall in the description, probably picked it up subliminally >.>
But this isn't too enthralling. Could have been more tile glitches or close calls imo. Looks good at any rate and I'm sure you put a lot of work into it. 3.5/5

Great dda

with the numacon tiles no less. Well done.


Nicely done. It was disappointing dying so close to the exit in the last one. So good job fixing it here.
Mines seldom work in DDAs unless they're aesthetically sound. If you incorporated a pattern that looked nice, then they would be fine. Some of the close calls were good and the pace the ninja went was mostly consistent throughout the DDA. Overall, it is not a bad DDA, but I just didn't like how the mines were set up.

agreed with APulse, althought I really liked what you did with all those thwumpw and the rocket chase is superb! Well done Mohit!

agreed with kiaora, albiet this is still great

eurgh. it'll be a sad day if a dda wins.


that was almost as exciting as my quadbike rider earlier today.

adrenaline... PUMPING.

thank you all!! :-)

I love making KRAs and now I think this talent will help me win both an award and recognition.

One thing I noticed: this map is the one of the only two rated maps out of all the 'rate-able' basedgod maps out there. Yipee!!


Great DDA!

so awesome! 5/5!

I guess we have a winnner

arggg resub

still 5/5

Beautiful work my friend, I'm convinced you'll win.