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Author WarDrums
Tags author:wardrums race unrated
Created 2013-04-17
Last Modified 2013-04-17
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Description Dedicated to 29403 [] for having an amazing memory ;)
Next map will be dedicated to whoever beats the left drone by going too fast. Not sure if it's possible :)

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Hi again :)


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Gameplay: 2.5/3
Though I did like the exciting start, I did not like what you had to do to make it happen. I just don't like the holding shift thing. The rest of the map played great though!

Difficulty: 0.5/0.5
This one was once again right around the difficulty that makes a map fun! It kept me coming back!

Use of items: 0.5/0.5
My favorite part of this map was the close call with the drones, how you used those made this map for me! Those were some close calls!

Aesthetics/looks: 1/1
Another beautiful map! Everything seemed to fit in this map, it all meshed together well!

Final Score: 4.5^/5
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Fun map :D
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nice map

hard to find the flow sometimes though

3.5/5 ^v
i can barely complete it though. :P


Hold jump in order to start :)
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