Stroll with a Troll through the Hall, LOL!

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune contest ctrdda dda hailsparta rated
Created 2013-04-20
Last Modified 2013-04-20
by 11 people.
Map Data

Description Hey leo [], is this somewhat you expected from me for your contest []?? :P

This was all I could do in the little time that I could spare (I came to know about the comp yesterday morning).
To all critiques who would say that my map looks pretty dirty from the thumbnail, I request them to please read the rules for the comp.

BTW, I made exactly 20 tile changes. And, total of 53 objects excluding the ninja.

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pal, really enjoy your maps :) if you ever get some free time id really appreciate it if youd have a look at some of my maps?

Of course!

You should have no doubt about it! ;)

Or even for me?

Or for me?

Nominated something for me in 'Concept & Innovation' or 'Puzzle' categories? Or other categories?
nah, I don't know how to make those, except they do seem cool.

I just practice mid-mine jumps a lot lol
I managed 4 consecutive mid-mine walljumps :D


glad you liked my maps. your DDAs are very good. im sure you'll find your style eventually. i havnt really got a permanent style at the moment. and i dont think ill end up having one considering i like making different maps. this map is pretty awesome. i especially like the part near the exit with the locked doors
So check it soon.

Great dda

Actually I noticed this is dda after doing this demo.
ps. your times in 5x5 maps were very skilled and good.
Demo Data

nice one

so hot

Your map looks dirty.

wow, cool!

thanks for joining, ofc, but yeah this isn't what I expected! awesome :D
for this map, and then I get a 1 ninja rating......huh...