Coral Under Waves

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Author script
Tags action author:script coral-under-waves featured rated
Created 2013-04-25
Last Modified 2013-04-25
by 6 people.
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Description Someone get these thwumps bounceblocks launchpads away from me
Don't take me seriously
Take me twice a day with food

This map was featured on 2015-02-16

Every time I die in this map, I apologise to the game for being bad at it. There are so few moving parts that I underestimate the brutality of this masterpiece.

The gold leaks through the tiles like a plentiful fountain you desperately want to drink from; The thwumps wait in anticipation for you to slip up; The seekers kill you. Brutally.

I love this map. Sometimes words are not enough. — ChrisE

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first try

i'm not feeling too hot about the thwumps but i haven't really played this enough to form a valid opinion yet
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Sub-1000 :)
Lovely map, I agree with LouDog004
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Very entertaining map. :)
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It can not be overstated how good this map is.
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This is so metanet

Like playing the game for the first time. Beautiful, beautiful map.

i liked this muchly

looks interesting!

faved for later :)


here []