Final Destination

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Tags author:marijnenandries playable race rated
Created 2005-12-24
by 17 people.
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Description A very hard race. Took a lot of time to create it, and it's hard, but I think it is possible. Some unusual shapes, but when you see my demo, you'll figure it out.

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reminds me of my map Chisolm

Good race

Not bad but a little bit difficult to follow the way. 4/5 i think. Keep on mapping pls ;)
So I rated :D Great map keep 'em coming!

Good one,

Nice going bobodahobo

Thanks everbody,

Thanks for the rating :)


ive spent almost an hour perfecting this run
i love this map
hard race maps are the best
keep em' coming
Demo Data

It wasn't complete?

My bad, I'll make another one.

Nice going Guiseppi

Good Demo, but not complete... Thanks for the vote


Confusing a times, but that's okay. Nice job.
But the level is sooo much fun! 4.5/5. Here's an all gold demo.
Demo Data

Here's a demo

For a brief overview :)
Demo Data