You didn't think about that one did you?

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Author ^rV
Tags author:^rv thwumps unrated
Created 2013-05-03
Last Modified 2013-05-03
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Description If you want a free dota 2 key, add me on steam x

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All Thwumps Face East


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I have like 16 keys to give out.

I have like 16 keys to give out.


4.5/5 from me
Demo Data
haven't played it because of how terrible my compute is, so i feel a bit terrible about that

Gameplay: 2.5/3 – I really liked the thwump action in this map. The slow ascent and careful descent were very fun and suspenseful.
Use of items: 0.75/1 – The thwumps were well-placed in this map, as well as the gold. For me, the mines were mostly unnecessary, but added nice feel to the map.
Difficulty: 0.5/0.5 – The perfect difficulty - not too hard but hard enough to keep me wanting to beat it.
Aesthetics/looks: 0.25/0.5 – I liked the atmosphere of the map. The tiles were simple, but almost too simple. Perhaps the unused empty space wasn't necessary.

Score: 4/5, rounding none to a final score 4 out of 5.