Chasing Three Tails

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags 3-way author:mohit_ghune ctr ctrdda dda featured kradda rated
Created 2013-05-04
Last Modified 2017-10-10
by 29 people.
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Description Edit: Big thanks to ska for the feature.
Bringing before you all, my 7th CTRDDA. I predict that many of you might have not seen a 3 way-CTR before.
A worth noticing point is that there is only one exit for all the three routes. The three routes came out to be 449, 473 and 560 frames, making altogether 1482 frames.
It became difficult at the parts where two routes crossed each other. Tried to keep the tileset theme 'squarish'. It may look a bit messy, but I think I am quite successful at my goal. If not, forgive me. Hope you all like it. RCE!
P.S. thanks to trance for the title. :)

This map was featured on 2016-09-17

The golden age of NUMA might have come and gone, but its brightest stars still shine ever brightly among the sea of long-lost artefacts. DDAs, once a regular staple of the site, became famous due to their satisfying engineering, and “Chasing Three Tails” by Mohit_Ghune is perhaps one of the most impressive DDAs you are ever likely to see—both for its technical merit and gobsmacking action. Incredibly, Mohit_Ghune has managed to cram in a hold-left, hold-right, and a don’t-do-anything path, all of which result in the rocket relentlessly seeking the ninja with rambunctious tenacity. Check. It. Out. NOW!ska

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Okay, that's pretty frickin impressive. Well-deserved, Mohit.
Do you make more DDA:s soon?


Multi-way KRADDAs are known, but multi-way CTRDDAs are definitely not common. There are great closecalls.
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time to return the favor
heres just a speedrun. found the dda very impressive. good job
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I checked the run.

It was awesome! I specially liked the insane jump with thwump. How did you watch the same direction all the jump?


This is still on the hot list. I subbed DDA yesterday and it gone in 8-10 hours. =D
:D 5/5 for sure
I think I liked hold nothing the best :P
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A three-way is impressive as it is, but to get close calls on all routes is a fantastic watch!
my only complaint is that maybe more space and time couldve been used. 5aved anyway


First of all, I can't imagine how hard it must be to make a multi-way KRADDA.
However, I sort of wish there were more tileset close calls for the rocket. And I think it'd be even cooler if the paths intersected often. Though as you said that's gotta be really tricky to make
Still, this is mightily impressive!

Here's my fastest intended path demo:
Demo Data
Thanks for making them!
I think I want to see this later too.

5 without a doubt.


Hold right is my favorite. the top right climb is really neat



Speedrun! 5/5

This was awesome! Roads worked great and speedrun was fun to do.
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in reality

this is a great tileset. inspires a huge episodic map with some fun acrobatic jumping.

of course, the dda is quite good as well.

Really cool


Good stuff my friend! But the second half of the level is way too easy!

Haha just kidding, I love your DDAs though! This one turned out great and I think you followed the theme just fine!


dont complain if some parts are not completely 'square'. ;-)