Guarded Ruins

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Author Nexx
Tags action author:nexx featured imtoooldtostillbeplayingthisgame moa-accepted rated ruins
Created 2013-05-11
Last Modified 2013-05-11
by 11 people.
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Description Hello again! I've still got a few old maps to share! MOA accepted.

This map was featured on 2015-10-11

Most mappers on NUMA rarely venture outside their comfort zone, and I'd include myself in that description. That's not a bad thing in itself, but it does make it all the rarer when you encounter a mapper like Nexx, whose output is as diverse as can be. NReality, image maps, puzzles, action maps, gorgeous tiles – he does it all, and he does it well.

And yet, it's his simple, atmospheric maps that I come back to the most. This map is laid-back, open, easy to play, but it's enjoyable through and through, and that's more than enough for me. — lifdoff

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Hmm, coolioes
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R.I.P., Numa



couldn't find a reliable flow without looking at demos, but the map doesn't need it to work well.

Funny but I remembered this map by outlook. =D


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Nexx <3

Dunno that this is stellar, but it is a beautiful map. I'll never get tired of well-done archways, no matter how often they pop up.

Oh yeah.

I'm a big fan of that monumental style! Concerning the gameplay I have to agree with Ferox though.


but pretty generic.

You told me to write a review and you could help me, I will have some chance of this become reality please Nexx?

also shorten it to 100 words please, now has 110.. :( :P
So, here's it:

It is pretty basic and I think it needs a bit of rhythm and character. Thanks again!

Wow, awesome!

Now it seems a really well-written review! Thank you so much Nexx! Thank you!
I'll give credit to you obviously. ;)

Oh thanks :D

I made just a couple of changes just at the end of it. Pick this one better:

Hey Nexx!

Can you help me with my next review?
Just be correct and give some rhythm or something. You could do it really soon? I would post it on Wednesday. Thank you so much in advance. :D

holy shit feature this guys


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So much wizadry. Was just about to say "you know your avatar is juggs bladefury yeh?" nice. You play on aus servers? If you do add me: Revolsion

bottom tiles are jagged in all the right places

APulse got it

Nice one, man! I wonder how many other people on this site recognize it.

So you're 80 now?

Never too old...


I had last seen him 2012

Faster SR

Where's Xerces when I need him? :P
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Your avatar is really cool. And map looks great too. 4/5
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This is random, but I've submitted almost 1000 rates on maps!
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