Singing Satellite

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Author BionicCryonic
Tags author:bioniccryonic rated satellite singing
Created 2013-05-14
Last Modified 2013-05-14
by 15 people.
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Description 03

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That large right tile is making me itch. Those lazers are perfect though.
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not enough gold
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Except I wish the big tile on the right was cleaner

clumsy map


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Here's a thing.

I wish the tiles looked a bit cleaner.
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Slow AGD

This is my kind of map - simple, effective, fun. Perfect enemies.
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Here's the speed.
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It's tricky grabbing as much gold as you can in one swoop. It's a good challenge.
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Ok agd

Still looking for a good route.

Simple and nice.
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Nice map.
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fun challenge. you used those laser drones very well in this and the tiles where easy to maneuver
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completion demo

neither speedrun, nor AGD, just... blah! But the map ist very good, 4/5
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