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Author blue_rocks
Tags adventure author:blue_rocks dsyitf retile unrated
Created 2013-05-21
Last Modified 2013-05-21
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description The doors of death are his front porch.

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Thank you much Zoas =)
and the way we spell it is:


Slightly Faster AGD


And here's a slightly bettered run. I have enjoyed this map a lot. This it's a great example in where the 5-tiles and its possible gaps works really, really well, because you have enough surface to avoid them and you always have some safe bigger places in where to land. It worked really well, and it has a nice fast-paced action. Both sections, gauss and rocket, were well made and provided an interesting degree of challenge, as well the zap-drone to try to beat it each time a little more. The puzzly thing was superb as I've said, and it has a cool re-playability value until you figure it out. Seriously, I have enjoyed it a lot, repeating and repeating, it flowed very well and it was satisfactory.
It is a really nice map.

Since I'm not anymore a judge in the competition, here's a good rate for you. <3
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Well I'm glad you figured it out =) You are el campeon! Anyways, now that you've posted your demo I shall post mine. AGD.
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No, no,

It was perfect to left me alone in the dark, I forced myself to find the solution, and it was a rewarding experience, it is a puzzle that may seem obvious, but it is hidden and it is very intelligent. I enjoyed to find the solution myself. And I actually would have felt really stupid and frustrated if you had shown me, and I have been left with a bitter taste. So that way, I liked it much more. Thanks!

The left side is how you are meant to do this map. You are meant to touch that launch pad to lure the drone over there. Sorry Zoas, I should have posted a demo and not left you in the dark.


Well, actually quite possible. Sorry, my bad.

In fact, it is a really interesting touch. It is a really smart puzzle'ish mechanic. Very, very clever, it was not obvious at the first glance and finally I really like this touch so much. Well done!
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I think I have found something with the leftmost launchpad. Wait me a sec, I'll check.
I searched enough and I think there is no any another access, I'm wrong? Or is it a mistake?
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