Old Cannons Booming

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Author DaggaFork
Tags author:daggafork jumper playable reborn unrated
Created 2013-05-21
Last Modified 2013-05-21
Map Data

Description Hudson died in Hudson Bay,
The water took its victim's name
The river's rise told Riverside
to change their names again

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Boo enemies.

Should've just been a mine-jumper.

oh nice!

Then a last doubt that I have, and I hope you can respond me..
WHEEERE IS ARBITRARYYYYY???? Man, I want to play that map now and it is no longer in your buffer. Where is that map man?


I was quite aware about that pack in Forums.
But here, I was wondering about your two mew packs, reborn/buffer and friljoski, are you planning to the release them? Or just that link in your profile? Actually, I'm quite interesed in your maps, can you list me every pack you have posted in Forums, or if you have any other old account or something, I mean like other or hidden maps not listed in this profile. It would be really interesting to me to check them and make my repository.
why does this sound so familiar... did you get it from somewhere? I think someone posted that on the forums

Hey, you're a cool kid.

hey Tejedu!

Are you planning to post your packs to the Forums?
I mean your buffer (or reborn pack, i don't know how to call it anymore) and your super cool friljoski speedrun pack, it would be a really interesting idea to have tehm listed in forums, do not you think?