The Death of Nature

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Description by Carolyn Merchant
Women, Ecology and the Scientific Revolution


List of Illustrations viii
Time Line x
Acknowledgments xiii
Preface: 1990 xv
Introduction: Women and Ecology xix
1. Nature as Female 1
2. Farm, Fen, and Forest: European Ecology in Transition 42
3. Organic Society and Utopia 69
4. The World an Organism 99
5. Nature as Disorder: Women and Witches 127
6. Production, Reproduction, and the Female 149
7. Dominion over Nature 164
8. The Mechanical Order 192
9. Mechanism as Power 216
10. The management of Nature 236
11. Women on Nature: Anne Conway and Other Philosophical Feminists 253
12. Leibniz and Newton 275
Epilogue 290
Notes 296
Index 339

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you /are/ a guy, right?

cool map. though i wish that first jump wasn't there. personally i find those to be the hardest ones -_-

Philosophical feminists!