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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue drinkingplutonium map unrated
Created 2013-05-27
Last Modified 2013-05-27
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Description just a quick map. enjoy.

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It need some skills. In general this map is extremely hard, but 5 for amazing tiles (that pretty reminds to me map from first Doom, e3m2, "Slough of Despair").
Demo Data

That first jump is very awkward. The rest played decently. Nice tiles though. 2.4


How did only 3 people comment on this map? O_o

looks cool

will play later, you could name the tileset The Black Hand, but is just my opinion..


I'm bad at balancing the difficulty of map. Gotta improve that :D
still, thanks for playing and feedback.

Amazing tileset!

Gameplay's decent, too. Though the quiet left side feels at odds with the busy right side.

Slow-ish AGD
Demo Data

kind of.

tileset took me approx. 10 minutes
objects took around three, heh.

omg holy crap

this is a quick map???