Systematic Turbo-Booster XXX

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Author 123leonidas321
Tags author:123leonidas321 ded race unrated
Created 2013-05-30
Last Modified 2013-05-30
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Description This map is for Ors_II, who seems to be the only appreciative fan of my first map, a race. I realize this isn't a top-quality race, but hey, my first wasn't either, and Ors liked it.


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u sure post tons of death demos lol

Sub-400 speed

Fun map ;)
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miky oldfiels much other songs. he sister voice mix with guitars bester.


That's the only song I know by him though...
Just thought it was fitting with FONDAA's comments ;P
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I liked this simple race and enjoyed shortcuts too. Here´s a speedrun. I´ll back with my maps when I have time enough.
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Demo Data