Let It Burn

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Author blue_rocks
Tags author:blue_rocks burn candles e unrated
Created 2013-05-30
Last Modified 2013-05-30
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Map Data

Description I wanted to create a map only using E-tiles. This is what I came up with.

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Actually, I agree with you about the gauss. However, when I centered it, it had a straight view down one of the columns and that caused some problems. And no, there are no five tiles =P


zoasBE the23 is a huge fan of E-tile maps, and it seems that he's only aware of those kind of tiles in the editor, I have to say that this map pleasantly fulfilled my expectations. The pattern used for the gold/mines is delicious and quite creative, I love those candles, because they are also well made due they are different in between them. On the other hand the gameplay it's just decent for this kind of map but I can understand that's like that mainly because the n-art. The only complaint, which is personal and insignificant, is that the gauss seems a bit out of place, I know it's up there to cover the largest possible game area, but would have been better just a bit more centered. Anyway, really nice work imo!!!

What the hell, why I speak in the third person? Damn personality disorder! :P
and this was cooler than I thought it would be. good job.