64-1: Your party has started without you

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Author zoasBE
Tags author:zoasbe rated uap zoassuperstructuressuperstructuressuperstructures
Created 2013-06-12
Last Modified 2013-06-12
by 13 people.
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Description Here we have a pair of Rocket Launcher based Map. Rockets may be easily avoidables by making the proper jumps, I just wanted to experiment a bit with the type of jumps that those kind of slopes and tiles structure offers. Also, there are an additional gold challenge for those of you who want to increase a bit the difficulty trying for AGD. Everything was layed out under the motif of this current episode. Enjoy!

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Sure thing man.

Try this [].


I was just curious. You do some strange things, zoasBE.


Haha thanks macro :P


thanks a lot for your kind words and the rating on my 09-4! I hope you will also like my following maps.

Also, Eddy, nice to see you're back(although I hate you for beating my run here). ;)


agree with tempus
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Phew I lost my practice after so many time without playing, but exams are finally over now :D
Pretty fun map zoas ;)
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Awesome map! :)
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This was great.

seems like you still have ideas. And it´s fun to play N after week break.
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you remembered my birthday yesterday. Thanks.

Thank you guys,

It's really nice to see and rewarding the good reception after putting more effort into each map. :D

cool map

very fun ...why so less comments here :( underrated to my mind :D 5


Amazing and very fun map, I don't know what else to say. 5
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Surprisingly fun. Love getting followed into the tunnels by a rocket. Er, hate. But in a good way.
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