Sad Unicorn

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Author Unicorn_Drone
Tags author:unicorn_drone cry more omg unrated
Created 2013-06-14
Last Modified 2013-06-14
Map Data

Description 1. New new editor sucks?
2. I cannot login to my account in the new N2-thingy. Had to create a new one - 'notworking', which, of course, works.
3. I hate the forums.
4. It really seems not to have anything with, which makes it shit?

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pis joł.


rather looks like a bean


You should, uhmmm, I mean, you must make some more NReality ones from time to time. XD

I just don't find it fun or I have some other things which keep me focused - mostly making simple text games, imporing my php/js skills and made a 2d map editor for a rpg game which might work out, depends on my team as well.. but shh. ;d

And I'm burned out of N atm. ; d

/copy of the response to keep it ncie and clear ;p

Whyyyy not?

You're awesome, your small maps are awesome, your NReality ideas are awesome, NReality_v6g2 it's awesome far than the 2.0. Then, whyyy not??

Yes you have. The exact same ones.

I come here once in a while, but not really into N not atm. ; )
And yes, I already saw these tiles.. :P Anyway, hello again!!