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Author Tacit
Tags author:tacit hard race rated
Created 2013-06-20
Last Modified 2013-06-20
by 6 people.
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Description Hard map with many awkward one-way jumps, unobvious flow and many trap-doors. who will play this after it all?
PS: someone may observe that last week i don't even appear on NUMA. the reason is simple: now I preparing for first-year exams in my school of medicine, so I haven't many time for playing N. I gonna play much more after end of it.
PPS:thanks to zoasBE for great words to me :) but I not sure that all these words are true, my skills are too overestimated

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dude, don't hesitate to speak russian with me. it's my native after all :)


Tacit, medicine is a really appreciated thing. I wish you best of success there. удачи :)

Thanks to you! <3

What I said was completely true, at least to me.
You has great skills at mapmaking, specially with races and the weird and conceptual ones, you know, and yes, I think you're a pretty underrated author, the vast majority of your stuff is high quality. Thank you really much for mentioning me.

Also, wow, medicine? You must be a very smart guy. I however do not, I have no studies. :P
Keep it up and good luck friend!

Take a good rate here. <3

oh yeah

forgot to say congrats :) best of luck with your future


HUGE congratulations on the medicine career, I hope your exams go well!

It's very difficult to maintain the flow :(
but like you said, the flow was kind of unobvious and bumpy. The path was pretty cool if things weren't so smushed :) 3/5


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cheaters are welcome!
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