Grey Roses

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Author Pheidippides
Tags action author:pheidippides playable unrated
Created 2013-06-22
Last Modified 2013-06-22
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Description Inspired by Yahoozy. An exercise in drone paths and monochrome gardening. Enjoy.

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Amazing drone path.

And, somehow, amazing tiles!

ah. Swear

I had commented on this and so had lots of other people? but apparently not haha. Great map. The drones are pathed really well. Especially at the start. (y)
Demo Data

Helluva rose. Drones were the right choice for sure.

A tad faster. :P

I also love these drones, they keep you on your toes.
Demo Data

Demo Data

I love the left drone's path, and how you had to form your route around it to avoid getting trapped by it. The tiles are also just beauties. Good job!