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Author WarDrums
Tags author:wardrums dota dota-2 gondar n-art nart unrated
Created 2013-06-25
Last Modified 2013-06-25
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Description So after Mario and Luigi i wanted to do something a bit more defficult, but still pixelated. So here's Gondar the Bounty Hunter as seen on the minimap in Dota 2

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I like. 5
so I see here Abra from pokemon.

make barney

since I know you love crazy colors like green and purple :P

you forgot rikimaru, venge, traxex, veno, viper and dark seer xD
tidehunter, undying, ta, treant, fv, spectre, medusa, furion, rubick, necrolyte, krob, puga, enigma, bane, and timbersaw

If there's a hero you'd like me to make (that dosn't have crazy colours like green and purple) leave comment :)