Flimsy Sticks

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Author Raif
Tags author:raif dda ddedda kra normaldoors rated
Created 2013-06-27
Last Modified 2013-06-27
by 19 people.
Map Data

Description A "demo does everything don't do anything" map involving normal doors, that is also a KRA (but a rather bad one).

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Mines are boring

it isn't a kra if the rocket doesn't have too many chances to really die :S

It's a...

KRADDEDDA Well done sir. I am glad someone else made one. I like the theme of doors as well.

Hey you Raif!

Seriously, has you forgot of me?
I saw you're semi-active those days, and sincerely, you're the only one who can make properly that list with 50 best vodkas from session one and two since you're the only one who almost played everyone of them. Again more than two new months has passed and I got nothing from you, I can understand that maybe it's a bit uncomfortable or boring for you to make that list, but please, simply tell me if you're going to finally make it or not, please and thank you.

On the other hand, it's awesome that you finally made something new for NUMA, this KRA it's frankly superb.
Well done!! :D

You win!

Here is your prize!

your username

is extremely close to my real name


That's so amazing!


This is epic..


this is ridiculous.

Wow cool

ohh i get it

awesome. 5/5

Utterly ridiculous.

In the best way possible.

Sheer brilliance.

Thanks for making this.

I agree. Very neat indeed.

I really like

How the ninja lands on some doors at the end and survives rather than falling to its death.

That was pretty great.


I originally pasted them separately in the editor, but forgot to press 'q' or whatever. All's sorted now, cheers :)


The easiest way:

  1. Copy the demo
  2. Paste it at the very end of the map data (after the #)
  3. Copy the map data+demo combo
  4. Paste in the replay box in userlevels
  5. Click Watch Replay

Love it.

The slow down part in the middle was my favorite.

I'm a tard

How is it that I still don't know how to watch these :S
But still, very impressive overall. Glad to see you were able to finish this quickly.


<RandomDigits> that's a pretty sweet DDE

that's impressive

And here's the demo

Demo Data