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Author script
Tags action author:script contrived dsyitf featured rated reobject
Created 2013-06-28
Last Modified 2013-06-28
by 10 people.
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Description Reobject of Retile for DSYITF

This map was featured on 2016-01-03

script has always been one of my favourite mappers, and this map exemplifies everything that I love about his mapping style – not by any means a small feat, because there is plenty to like in his maps, in my opinion.

A clean, structured tileset, an open environment that encourages exploration while still offering an intuitive flow, perfectly placed enemies and objects... what's not to like? OK, yeah, this isn't anything groundbreaking in terms of aesthetics or game mechanics, but this is so well made that I find it hard to care.

Keep up the good work, mate. — lifdoff

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Impressive retile


My best AGD run.

Still a second behind Eddy. :|
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plenty of space

i really like this. it's so easy to make a cluttered map.


Very unpolished, but my computer is lagging as fuck right now. Very fun map :D
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Nice work.

Not outstanding but very polished, I'd say. :)
So good.

Have an AGD.
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Quite quick by my standards!Not that that means much.

Lovely map. Kinda amazed at the diversity, but it felt super cohesive at the same time.
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Very flowy and easy to play. The tiles were really great, and the enemies were spectacularly placed.