Stadium Love

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit featured rated
Created 2013-07-09
Last Modified 2013-07-09
by 7 people.
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Description Haven't made something like this in quite a while ---

This map was featured on 2015-09-20

Often, when trying to map in the distinct style of another mapper, the result feels derivative and ultimately pointless – why play a map that imitates if the original is right there?

Those were, largely, my initial thoughts on this map. “Damn, tktktk much?” too, probably.

And yet... this map just works. A beautiful contrast of openness and cramped spaces, awesome old-school aesthetics, great enemy placement, tons of possible routes, this map has it all.

The concept or the aesthetics may not be original, but this a map that does not have to hide behind those it is modeled after. — lifdoff

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pretty good map.

pretty mediocre speedrun.
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Overall a good rocket map but really would have preferred some more variation in the map.
Very exciting ^_^
And that's awesome news, Dagga, I'll check it out soon.

Oh, wait...

I was thinking of Alex Metric... carry on.


Metric have an album out? :D *checks it out*

If Stadium Love is a reference to Metric's song, you should know Metric just came out with their new album 2 days ago!
You deserve it, and this map does too (obviously, why would I feature it otherwise).
was trying to perfect an AGD for a while but Meta's got one that'd be faster than mine anyway. Was a fan of the amount of mines, maybe not so much the double drones, but overall very good :)
Might be that I'm a bad player, but I would have put a little less mines in the main area to make it more open. The drones were nice though.
But it could still be faster. A cj would be good.
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Sub 1700 AGD

The end could be faster, but I think this is a good route.
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