Hipster Tree [NREALITY]

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Author Unicorn_Drone
Tags author:unicorn_drone concept nreality rated
Created 2013-07-14
Last Modified 2013-07-14
by 5 people.
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Description NREALITY

Caution: Sticky floor. Once you stop moving, you stop moving forever.

Funny thing I found when I was messing with NaN'ing Nreality mods.

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nice concept
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very clever concept, well made too.
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oh well. thats possible but unlikely ; P

in my demo

the bounceblock launched me at the door.
i can tell you
or give you the notepad file.

I mean

i experimented with NaN'd rotating laser drones.
i NaN'd each of thier properties individually and recorded the results in Notepad. I did the same thing to all other objects.

The results for NaN'ing rotating laser drones are interesting.


Can't notice anything weird there. ; P

Do you have any inspiring Nreality examples? : )
What you mean with that NaNed rotating lasers? : P


Demo Data


I was going for an AGD and then this weird thing happened.
So, i guess this counts as a slow speedrun.
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i've been experimenting with NReality NaN's too.
Really interesting NaN'ing rotating laser drones.


Nice idea
Demo Data

Crazy ass shit,

Unicorn... Crazy ass shit.
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Well that wasn't the point of them being sticky. ; P

I'm trying to make walls sticky, however I just can't find a way. I think I've seen it before so I keep trying.
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