Learning to seek heat [NREALITY HRDDA]

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Author Unicorn_Drone
Tags author:unicorn_drone dda hrdda lolyouserious nreality unrated
Created 2013-07-14
Last Modified 2013-07-14
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Map Data

Description Let me introduce you my newest HRDDA, which means

Hold Right Don't Do Anything..

Actually you can hold right for the first two frames and then stop - it will work as well and you will have more time to enjoy the show instead of focusing on holding the button.

Have you ever wondered how rocket launchers are trained to annoy my feelings on almost every map on NUMA? It migt be a surprise, but rockets aren't that harmful at start. Before they are approved as a security system they have their exams and tests, which they must pass. This shows an example training of rocket launchers.

This amazing Nreality adventure consists of exactly 36 extremely awesome closecalls spreaded over exactly 2653 frames.

When you do the math, that turn's out to be one closecall per 2 seconds. No way, you say? Isn't that insane? Well go ahead and enjoy this action packed DDA!

: D

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Haha cool one :P

nice try.

but I think yo're really just trying too hard! ;)

Hey thanks.

Turns out I wasn't actually looking for ghost drones --- I've never really used nreality, so I didn't know they were a legit thing now. I figured out how to make the nonexistent drones, and I am super excited for my upcoming map with them, I think you'll like it!



nicely done.


HRDDA for the Lazy

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