Underthings (tumbling)

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit unrated
Created 2013-07-15
Last Modified 2013-07-15
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Description Enjoooy!

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Goddamn! This is stylistically pleasing!

Not the slightest bit repetitive at all. I like progressive styles like this. anco takes the cake with his comment and I agree with him completely.

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cool shit, 5


This map is a step in the right direction in your mapping - for one it wasn't cluttered with mines, and the gausses worked as they were intended. I would continue in this simpler direction (who knew I would say that eh), but also experiment with tiles to create some fun gameplay. This is just my opinion, but an interesting though flawed map is better than a boring minejumper - rocket hybrid.
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Aesthetically exceptional although quite repetitive. 3.5/5^
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Decently quick demo, but still very improvable.
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