Face the flow

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Tags author:ndeavour droneglitch inspired memoirs moa-accepted rated
Created 2013-07-16
Last Modified 2013-07-16
by 10 people.
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Description Accepted into Memoirs of the Ancients, thought I should submit it here too. I loved making this map (and the others I made for the pack) and it is definitely one of my top favourites!

Also for those who've seen me around and are unaware nDEAVOUR = BE_nSPIRED = Inspired.

If you want me to RCE your map just do the same on my map collection, I will return the favour double because I'm nice like that.

Have a lovely collective day to all of you.

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hey there,

I haven't signed up for Blur
why are all speedruns adn agd seem to be too seems u FBF or underclock but never comment like 'i undeclocked' or 'i FBFed this run'...i feel this not good
Even i underclock, but when i do i state right there

Lovely map!

It really does bring you back, like anco said. Inspired my latest map, so good job! :p I do have a couple questions for you, if you don't mind; I've forgotten how to do everything these last years.
1) How do you do the false tiles?
2) How do you make ghost drones?
3) You still mapping?
Thank youuu!
Those shortshiftian tiles that are polished to the max, an those objects. Though I fear that in being so polished, it isn't too interesting. But I also think that this is well executed enough and that the drones are in themselves interesting enough, that the rest of the map can function as a canvas, more than a painting itself. Regardless, I appreciate that you could make the drone thing not only aesthetically pleasing, but also interesting to play as well.

(regardless, it is probably one of the most aesthetically cliched maps I've seen :p)

I like it

You thought nobody

would notice that you z-snapped the one-ways. Nope. I saw it.


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Always loved this one.


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One of my

favourite maps.

lol rly

couldnt go that way. sad ; d
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very cool

nicely executed. 4.5/5
faved to play later

An all gold completion to round it off.

Here's a link to the judges comments:
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A speedrun which could be cleaned up considerably. Man, it's odd using this account! So old.
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