Sewer Snake

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit unrated
Created 2013-07-17
Last Modified 2013-07-17
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Description Blatantly inspired by Inspired [], but plays completely differently. Enjoy!
And a question for you people --- would anyone be interested in a short all-gold contest? I'd like to put one on, but I dunno if there'd be enough participants...

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It's kinda amazing how by making the double thwumps area harder, you made the switch by the floorguard easier.

Nevermind the ending. Lag spikes again. =|
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For your map
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Here you go

A (crappy) agd for your map.

I wasn't too keen on waiting for the drone to get to the last switch, but everything else is nice once I got it down.
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As for ghost drones..

There is something called.. 'nreality mod master'

But I don't have it and can't find it.

A nice nreality helper.

Hey, yeah sure

As for ghost drones: This should help []


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This map is awesome.

The even number of paths make you choose one "shortcut" on each way to the switch and back..

The drones aren't just simple drones.. A few are chasing.. And that's pretty cool when.. 'omg lol that was chasing'.. Requires some more focus and makes it slightly actionish rather than monotonic.

The tileset is beautiful..

As for the question - you can always make contests, there should always be somebody who takes part.. Depends on the map etc. I'm not a highscorer type person.

5aved from me. Oh and love the tiles. Did I mention that already?


and I am a huge fan of contests--but only map-making ones

AGD that really really fell apart at the end :p
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