27-0 Cross Section

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 27-0 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes freedom rated series
Created 2013-07-20
Last Modified 2014-01-24
by 12 people.
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made this map a while ago but felt it would be better as the start of an episode. enjoy!

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but good too see you around!


This puzzle map is innovative indeed. Loved the laser drone.

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I won't even try

to compete against these guys!!

Thanks, I like my change too. : P


yeah i really like the edits you guys made.


I read all the comments and came up with my own, simple, effective edit. anco is correct, and this has lots of potential I think. the structure is awesome btw.



for the feedback guys.
@anco ill take that into account on my next maps. thanks!

Heh, the classic anco chaingun tiles...
That makes much more sense, but damn would it be tough to get working correctly. As soon as that thing sees you, you'd better have some decent escape route, which isn't the easiest thing to find...
this is a super quick 5 min mockup so don't expect it to be good. If I actually made a map out of this I'd probably spend and extra hour playtesting and tweaking it.

and chaingun would be horrible here lol.

After listening to other users feedback I came up with this. [] Enjoy.

One of the best of this 'genre' that I've played, but I do agree with anco. I think a chaingun would be prohibitively difficult, but perhaps a gauss or two would've made it a touch more lively.


laser was fine.

Hint: Rocket. Everybody loves rockets! The more rockets you add, the better the rating! Rockets are the future!

first try agd

the laser could have been swapped for a more interesting enemy - atm. this felt slow and periodic, instead of dynamic and continuous which I feel would have been a better choice. Some interesting chaingun action / something else could have set this map apart, but atm. I can't feel but to have played this several times before.
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awesome demo!!!
you will shit bricks
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nice map btw...5 from me
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nice demo

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fastest AGD

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Demo Data


this is addicting. ; P
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Goal: Slow AGD.


thanks for playing unicorn

knew that trick without watching. pro.
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Fail. Won't even post the demo lol.

Goal: First try AGD.


thanks for the comment zoas! really appreciate it. hopefully this episode will be great.


27 it's by far my most favourite number with the23, therefore, I expect a great episode.

For this one, I must to congratulate you, the concept has done before many times, but sincerely, you did it perfectly here, It's classy and neat. Also is clean and well-contrived as hell, and the degree of challenge and the puzzle'ish elements here makes this attempt for that concept in one of the most interesting and flawless that I saw. Congrats!


theres a trick to getting that gold chunk there. just watch the demo.
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