199: Milestones Approaching

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags 199 action author:tempus_fugit unrated
Created 2013-07-20
Last Modified 2013-07-20
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Map Data

Description So as it turns out, both my 200th map (old account included) and my eighth anniversary here are fast approaching. Thus, I shall have something quite special for you all. ^_^ Keep your eyes peeled! In the meantime, if anyone would like to collab, just lemme know.

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Collab! []

Nearing the finish!

IRC is fine!

What channel are you on?
Perhaps we should start off with a basic progression in you're into that style?

Yeah, I can't get any farther. This is pretty well designed but it could've done with a bit more space, y'know? It's too cramped for gauss to be firing at you. Still, like I said, it's designed pretty well. 3/5
Demo Data

We should collaborate if you're interested.

The first way, it is maybe the more 'map pack concept' way and it is based on proof checkouts asked to each participant. Regardless of the scoring method is chosen for the competition as creator or judge, or the rules chosen for it, you must ask to every participant a proof of his scores. The proof consist in two parts from my opinion, a txt whith every level and every demo data for each map, and a screenshot or screenshots for the screen of NReality userlevels in where the maps are listed ordered, if the maps list is long enough to be in several pages/screens you need a screenshot for every group of 20/25 maps or so. That way you can have all the scores for all the participants and see his highscores and who win basing on your own competition rules or particular scoring method. My 9000 competition had a similar way to judge to this one.

And finally the second way which I consider also optimus, it is making a NUMA account for the concrete pack. You can ask to an administrator to disable the rating ability for the account as I did with all my secondary accounts/proyects. You can upload every map followed one after another but delisting all of them until them get out of the hot page (to keep the 2 maps rule) for example, lord_day did this when he upload his 'TheThreeColumns' pack in NUMA. After this you can keep them delisted and list every one of them and its order in the competition thread, or, having all of them listed link the pack account in the thread for the players can play them directly with NReality from NUMA. This way it is interesting to has online Leaderboards.
Also, I know that NReality (whichever version) allows a way to hide participants scores for each map until you want un-hide them and see them. It is interesting to prevent participants to see other people routes and highscores and to keep the intregity of the competition. But actually I never did it and I don't know how to did it, but for sure I'll ask it to someone for you.

Hope this help again. ;)
I don't really know which version of NReality you has. In my case I has the last one, NReality_6g2 and in this version that button to load a pack doesn't exist (I'm not sure about that :P), although as you said, I think it was a button of a previous version but never worked correctly, in fact I think it does nothing and it is completely useless. So, you can completely rule out this possibility and forget about it.

Actually, there is no possibility to see other people scores when playing a full and complete pack from NReality userlevels. The only maps that has online Leaderboards are NUMA maps (under its ID number) and Originals Metanet and the NReality columns included. More or less, it's quite logic, if the map it is nowhere actually, it has not NUMA ID or something to being able to submit your score, packs are packs, and them are built (supposedly) for use and personal enjoyment to everyone who wants to download whichever.

Well, it is complicated to make something like a 'pack highscoring competition' or something like that, but obviously NOT impossible. In fact, I did one once a time, my 9000 map pack was a Highscoring competition to the whole pack, and the winner was Eddy (how not? :P) You can find the pack and its thread in forums listed in my profile and you can take a look to see how I did and ruled to make the competition.

But I'll try to explain the two best ways to make it if you want (sure there are other ways perhaps but I think these two are good enough and pretty solid) and I'll try to explain both here above.


Sorry I haven't gotten around to playtesting your map; haven't been feeling too well for the past few days.


I don't know what exactly you want to know about NReality, but I'll try to please and to say and to you what I know about playing Map Packs or packed Series under NReality. Actually, although NReality has not 'userlevels.txt' as a original file when you download it, and the file it is nowhere unlike N v1.4, but NReality allows perfectly the 'userlevels.txt' file. You simply needs to make it yourself, or making it from zero (simply creating a txt named 'userlevels' and don't forgetting to put the line ' &userdata= ' at the top of the file before all the maps packed), either copying it from the one in your N v.14 and replacing the data on it for the pack you want to play. The userlevels.txt file must be placed in the same folder as the NReality.exe is, for the app can locate it, the same as N v1.4.

For scores and Highscoring under NReality it's pretty cool. As you know it has three Leaderboards (HS, SR and the unlockable UNDERCLOCK mode) and the cool thing it's the the app record for you the different scores at each different gameplay mode. For example, right now I have placed my own 1st MOSS Column (a pack in collaboration with your friend and pleased author deep_blue, which you should play it :P here's the link if you are interesed: - 2 columns so far, third in progress!) in my NReality userlevels, and at the moment I'm highscoring it in HS mode, so the scoreboards are for HS counting in seconds, but at the moment I'll want the speedrun the column/pack, the only thing I need to do it's switch to SR mode in config and then the score boards are clean to SR it, couting with frames, all is well differentiated, and each game mode apart from the other.

Hope this help enough, and any other thing you wnat to know, please hit me with it! ;)

It'll be along. I've recently started a full time job, which leaves me very little time to do other things - but it should be done in a couple of days.

fun minejumper

8 years! wow you've been here a while. i cant wait for your 200th. congrats!

Yeah, I haven't been too active these past... oh... four or five years?


These last few months I've been here is the first I've noticed you.