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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue ghost rated tileset
Created 2013-07-21
Last Modified 2013-07-21
by 13 people.
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Description Yeah, you might think "deep_blue, stop posting already for the sake of Nutella!", but I want to submit this.

It's just that I walked on a bridge today that had decorative metal things. And the hard wind we're having here caused the things and the whole bridge to howl like a ghost. It felt like a swarm of phantoms flying over a river. that was amazing.

Borderlands 2 Banshee class mod was like a idea-giver for this.

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between this and "Begemot, Bulgakov's wicked cat" is what i meant to say :P


i couldn't decide between this and soulscreamer for the dronies... both are perfect...

the hair

flows nice
5 straight away..
P.S. will you help me with the tileset of my next HLCTRDDA :)..1211 has his keyboard f*cked up... :(

My awesome paradox is gone.

Too large. We'd love it if you'd put up a smaller version and/or link, though!

maxon y u delete mine??

It's just that i hate bronies.

I don't think that i should comment about that though, let's comment about the map.

Woutery, please refrain from being a dick.
Rose, thanks a bunch for cleaning that up, it was ridiculous.

you're a hoot, kid.

Says the brony.

i had to say that as i completely hate bronies
Cut that shit out.

I'm gonna have to agree with suds on this one


that's good.

what is going on in here.
stop the image barrage at once, please.
Nexx, those were supposed to be holes in hair. Yes, holes.
Meany, it really isn't stupid, it's awesome! dude, keep drawing stuff, you're good at it!
lsudny, I and my friends laughed hard at that pic, really.
I vote my picture is the only funny one on this map

mine wasnt stupidos ._.


Though I think the transition from solid hair to strands of hair is a little iffy. The rest is great, though!


I hereby open the Cream Taster Convention open.
and also a pack of that rip-off jiff-hazelnut-spread.

Imma do a blind taste test and see which one is better.

wow you guys

those are really cool, erikcu, Meanapple.

and Unicorn, I smell a paradox

try try again.
<img src="">

I say we turn this map into the official Post-A-Picture-Zone


this is awesome. nice job

ah leo

what if you bake that thing? What kind of cookie it would be? And my beard is as real as reality

I have a beard covered in Nutella and raw cookie dough. Rawr.
shows that you are bluffing about your beard. Only women would disregard something as manly as what I just stated.

exquisite demo, leo

A sudden question - does anybody apart from me here has a beard? (a really manly question)
lets discuss something more manly, like nutella on top of raw cookie-dough.
Demo Data

and thus

Unicorn_Drone shows us the presence of maths in everyday life.

he probably pressed ctrl+v 8 times.

or maybe 9 times if he overwrote the first one when he pressed ctrl+c, but you cannot tell.

just saying, the answer is probably in this range

x ∈ <8; 9>

oh snap

next map is 666.


it's a shame I can't favourite a comment.

Goddamn this is good.