Ghostly Celebration!

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit concept puzzle race rated
Created 2013-07-27
Last Modified 2013-07-27
by 5 people.
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Description Woo-hoo! Eight years! Two hundred maps! Shitty ratio, but help me celebrate anyhow by enjoying this one-of-a-kind conceptual puzzley action-race map. I think you will find it fascinating. Many thanks to Meta for playtesting.
I've also released a little map pack, and will be holding a highscoring competition for it. If you wanna make may day, check 'em out!
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Highscoring competition []

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fun map

i really enjoyed it though i couldn't beat it. nice and very flowy and the gold was well placed. i also made a few more edits to our collab because i felt it was too hard. here, tell me what you think:

Thanks folk!

Sunset -- agreed.
Mohit, that's just ridiculous... nice run though :P
that you will surely gonna shit bricks.. :D
5 from me
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congrats on eight year anniversasry, heh :D map moar, get 300 maps in nine years or something

Better agd

though sloppy towards the end.
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i meant in 7 or 8 hours. its currently 2 am and im pretty tired. ill fave the map for later. looks fun!
and happy 8th aniversary. ill play this map in a little bit. just so you know my internet got capped on monday so thats why i havnt been online (im at my dads house right now), ill submit our collab soon.
but its pretty cool, a mighty fine conceptual.

if that makes sense

happy 8th anniversary though!



Just in case...

AGD, courtesy of Meta. I killed him off by adding that trap door (sorry!); it shows you a decent path, though.
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