City of the Dead

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Author Tempus_Fugit
Tags action author:tempus_fugit racy unrated
Created 2013-08-01
Last Modified 2013-08-01
Rating 4 more votes required for a rating.
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Description So I've suddenly become quite busy. I've got a few solid maps stored up, but I've gotta make 'em last, so don't expect too much outta me these next weeks, quantity-wise.
Also, if you haven't seen 'em, check out my 200th [] and my map pack [] --- complete with a highscoring competition. Enjoy!

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Fun to play but just too many sharp turns for the ninja to slide by the rockets. 3

thank you!


also, the collab [] is up if you were wondering.
also, also, this map looks fun, faved for later.

Sorry for the self-spam, but I forgot to say that it's mostly inspired by this. []

Here, much less of a screw-up.
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AGD, seriously screwed up the top left though.
Demo Data