27-2 Moon Base

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 26-2 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 collab freedom series unrated
Created 2013-08-02
Last Modified 2014-01-24
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a collab with the ever awesome Tempus_Fugit! we made this map over a week ago but my internet was capped so i couldn't post it. thats why ive been so inactive these past days. but im back and i hope you enjoy this map!

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I guess

it could be re-placed or moved up a bit. but, of course, you can remove it, too


this map made me think I'm a disgrace.
it's so cool.
the tileset is really pleasing, the use of enemies is also really good - I'd like to point out the gauss, it's perfectly placed and was able to track me down in places I'd never suspect.
my only complaint would be the gold below the swithch on the right side. I couldn't get that gold without dying, but 50% of the fault is on my f=)cked up skills.
apart from that, this map is 5-worthy.
damn, makes me wonder how people come to make such awesome maps in one year, when I learned how to make garbage over three years. keep it up!


I have a lot of time, so send the map


felt really nice there.
I totally understand you, man.


I thought you NaN'ed it. must be when I was loading the map, I did it. anyways, a stationary chaingun there is a nice touch, ain't it?
And I'll contact you later again for another collab in this episode, okay?


sleep well :D
here's what I came up with:
slight modifications to ensure key collecting challenge

it's okay

and the stuff you did is coooool, man!
I'll do my part with this now. I'll show it to you later, in next few hours.
thanks! :D


a pattern would be preferrable. Whatever you'd like


ok, here's the deal

look, I made a tileset. Or, to be more precise, a half of it.
And now, make your half, without chainging mine.
then, add objects on my side, but leave you side free of objects. however, there might be drones that can go to both sides.
and that e-tile stripe is just a divider of sides. delete it :)


we definetly could collab! The next episode will be the one.
About the gold patterns - I try to feature a new gold pattern in every map in this column. Seems hard to come up with new ones, but it's a fun challenge


trance :)

It was okay.

I felt the both areas needed some more development in an gameplay, because I can see some potential in this. The overall style of the map was cool, though.


i got that too depp_blue.
thanks for playing guys
top was okay


when I look at your late maps, I imagine bees and beehives. why...?


Blame that one on me, Tacit, I like rockets in cramped quarters. :P I think this turned out nicely!


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I'm told that my maps are always cramped ^_^

Could we collab for your next map?


thanks man, glad you enjoyed the map too!


Cool map. Rockets at the bottom are little annoying but all the rest is great. 5

And one more congratulations for winning Dronies! I voted for you! :)
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