35-2: Soul Pier

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Author deep_blue
Tags author:deep_blue episode perplex unrated
Created 2013-08-02
Last Modified 2013-08-02
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Map Data

Description inspired by Mop Mop's Kamakumba and Kunkka from DotA 2.
Yeah, I play it now, but in bot-practice mod, cause I'm still food for others.
I wonder if it is okay if I'll make an account where I can post my tilesets if I come with some?
Also, I don't really know what defines a 'puzzle' in your opinion, but here's something to jump around.

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thanks for the playtest! really appreciated!

wow thanks!!

means a lot. so in your opinion, should the gold under the door switch be removed or not?


here it is.
i wanted to post it tomorrow for my 1 year anniversary.
tell me anything that needs improvement


hey do you have the time to playtest a map for me? if you don't that's fine.
if you do then that's ok. just hit me up when your ready for the next collab, ill most likely be very, very lonely.....

looks good

so now you can just post it when your ready?
also did you NaN the chaingun on purpose or not?


ill probably be going to bed soon (its 11:36pm at the moment) so ill see it in the morning

ok done

sorry it took so long, i spent a while tweaking the tiles on my side. if there is anything you dont like just tell me or edit it out.



nice tiles

i like the idea. when i place the gold do you want it in a pattern like your previous maps?