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Author blue_rocks
Tags author:blue_rocks awesomeness concept dischord perplex puppeteer rated
Created 2013-08-13
Last Modified 2013-08-19
by 7 people.
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Description This map was not play-tested by Lsudny! ;p

A concept map!

My third Numacon Entry ;)

And a note to the wise, The mines are in correlation with the trap doors. So use the mines to decide when and how to do things!

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Thank you Ska!


I had an idea like this once, but I had a lot of trouble executing it. You, on the other hand, have done a remarkable job.
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It's amazing! A deeply innovative puzzle.
Why don't you participate the Numacon called Perplex with this map?

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And show you another cheat tomorrow. =D

oh nevermind

didn't see that blue_rocks editted it

I fixed it again =) thanks Ors!
At least I canĀ“t get this through another way.
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Okay, I edited it yet again to block Mohit's cheat. If you guys continue finding cheats keep posting demos. I'll probably make a second version of this sometime.

New Demo
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Blue, i meant that you can't really see what door is what mine. If you'd do it with various objects, it would be a bit easier.


still 5 for the concept
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I've tried stuff like this before, maybe this works better if the trapdoor switches are marked with objects instead of random mines.

I made so that cheat never works. If you keep finding cheats keep posting them!


this map was proudly not playtested by lsudny. xD
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Completion Demo!
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