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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune comment map unrated
Created 2013-08-15
Last Modified 2013-08-15
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Description If anyone needs to post anything or say anything to me, do it here.

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As my favourite demo ever haha

Well, yes. It is.

But I was too excited about having a baby...


Hi! I've entered you into the LOCKDOWN comp for beating my run. Well done!

You can put new runs in the #contests Discord channel.


Hi! I've entered you into the LOCKDOWN comp for beating my run. Well done!

You can put new runs in the #contests Discord channel.

Just wanted to say,

nice Episode 6 and 19 0ths! It seems my playthrough of the game has drawn some attention, but glad to that you're playing again though! :D

As for me though, I've been trying to get in the top 5s in episode runs and top 10s for individual levels. Not really going for 0ths, but if I'm on a good run, I at least attempted to get it. Got close on a few runs, but not enough. Overall though, I'm attempting to get on every single level that isn't maxed.

Once again though, cool to see you back. How's life been treating you?


My job's been keeping be busy but aside from that, I've been doing fine. I've been improving some of my old scores on NReality, but unlocking them is a pain takes some effort haha.
but it's long and I don't want to rewrite it. Click here. [] It'll take you to a map of mine that you commented on recently. I wrote I response.

To me it's okay. I knew there would be at most a couple maps. This shows that there is not a demand for the contest anymore, which means I won't make another. We all know the community is getting smaller, this is just some proof. :)


I agree completely. I think I will ask people to submit their runs to me through PMs etc. I just don't trust the mappers to remember to add the tag, and if they don't then it becomes a problem.

I'll keep thinking about this until I post the deets tmrw.

Figured it out []. The trick is adding |||protectedcontest to the map data. I am not sure this is something I want to implement because it would mean that the contest becomes only highscoring, and the authors would need to remember to edit the map data themselves, which seems like it would go wrong.

that's interesting,

I haven't heard of that, I've tried giving a map the protectedcontest tag, but I am still able to submit my runs on NReality. Are you sure users actually were unable to post demos or not allowed?
I was not playing for at least 2 months and my last map before was 5 months old and I just saw highscore list. I'm still at top in episode highscores, but I fell down to 193 episode speedruns from 198-199. Wtf, I did not expect such competetion in this old game that is not much played anymore.
I've been away for a long while and I'd like to know if you're still here =)

10th of March.

Don't worry, I still appreciate it. :P

Chump. []

As everyone I have other things to do than N and I'm happy with my episode score. I now play mostly numa maps now both agd/sr and sometimes I'm trying for highscore where I have already 187 episode/422 level top 20 which I got when playing for ep. top 20. Also for speedrun I already had to make 3 more episode speedrun in episodes where I was kicked out of top 20 (01,06,11) and I improved 2 where I was 19th rank (15,16) So I don't plan level speedruns now. It feels also hard, for some levels I'm happy to even complete them, some are impossible to top 20 (like 14-2) and for some levels I'm less than 10 frames away from top 20 and it's hard to improve that.
Now I'm 0th in top 20 episode speedruns and I'm in top 20 speedrun of 199 episodes. But I'll probably never get the last one in episode 02. First 4 levels can make max. 50-100 frames difference with decent runs and the last map is extremely long and annoying and I can't even get an acceptable run in that level.

Congratulations for your episode speedruns, you are not only going for top 20, but straight for 0th. I'm too bad for that, so I'm happy with top 20.


i went through the page, and there were at least a couple of other players that filled this quota. George and Brttrx are technically in both categories. (George's map was a collab map pack, and Brttrx was nominated as highscorer of the year among a plethora of other people, and probably as a joke. It would be nice if I won a run of the year or something, but that's unlikely, and I have now retired. I have amended the wikia page in light of these discoveries.
To my knowledge, this is true. If you can find an example of another player who has achieved this. (with an individual nomination for a highscore/player of the year, and also or a map, or author of the year, please let me know so I can change it.)
We need to hurry up. 31st December is the deadline.
I also saw your highscore in Joshiki and Umaku i~tsu. Very Nice!
You found the map in Meikakuna in Nv2!

And you beated arcan (WhiteWhale) with 44! Very Nice demo!

Basically yes.

However, I've run out of ideas, somehow. But of course we can give it a try as long as it's not a DDA. ;)
But I disagree that 119-4 is pretty easy. I spent like 90 minutes in this session before I got first completetion. And I couldn't even believe I survived the fall, because even if I got to switch in like 1/20 tries I ALWAYS died going down. There should be at least some safety net for going down, because going up is already hard enough.

If I ever met BT the nicest thing I could say would be probably STOP MAKING YOUR MAPS SO FRUSTRATING...

By the way after finishing N-reality I have about 210 000 deaths, In speedrun 197 Ep. top 20 137 (only) level top 20. And for highscore I have 158 Episode top 20, 346 level top 20 (Feels lot easier for some reason than in speedrun) and I have 0th highscores in 3 episodes.
108-4 was not so hard I done it in 5-10 minutes. My run is quite slow though. But still good enough for top 20 episode score. But for 109 0,1 were easy. 109-2 was one of Blue Tetris says F... you level, I was stuck here for long trying for speedrun until I decided to do it slowly, carefully with waiting. So I made it, but it was too slow to have a chance of getting to top 20. 109-3 was not too hard, but floorguard part was problem for me so I got very slow run again. Finally 109-4 wtf this is? I don't know if it's even skill-based, because it required a lot of luck not to die with so many chainguns.
I'll try again later, because I want to get to top 20, but 109-2 is a nightmare.
My problem with 119-4 is that I ALWAYS slip and die either before or after getting the switch. And it happened a lot to me so I got to point when I ragequit. This happened several times so I decided to try episode 119 only after I got some progress in episode 104.
I finally beat that insanely hard episode 104! I got terrible run on level 0 though (586 frames) But I still did it. I'm 13th in episode top 20 and got top 20 in levels 1,3,4. Now I'm closer to beating N-reality.

Ah, so that's why.

Definitely a well-deserved title then. ;)

Great run!

Beat you though. :P But seriously, you've become so good!

I just saw your profile and wondered how you got that title "The Episode Collector"!?

strange -the map was delisted.. Did it still have 4 lasers in the middle when you played?


the next map I make that I actually like (hence why it wasn't Clockwisdom) will be your dedication
Sorry, dropped the "not".
But a tied score also counts as a 0th which means that you have an ownage on Ep158. :)
Now go for an ownage. :)
Should I make one? What's going interesting on there?
A.1: My birthday is 23rd August.
A.2: Yes, I am on Facebook and I know about the group, but I haven't joined yet because I want to stay anonymous. But maybe I'll change my decision in the future. Is there any activity going on in this group?
A.3: Right, I'm German, but Rammstein is not my taste of music. I can't help you here.:S


Thanks for the N-Wikia page! You're AWESOME!