28-1 Soar

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 28-1 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 collab-trance-leo freedom rated series
Created 2013-08-15
Last Modified 2014-01-24
by 7 people.
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a collab map with trance and leo. enjoy jumping around this very open map!
thwumps are NaN'd

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the stuff you sent me on our collab on mirage.
I actually like it so much - you did outstanding work on that gold, mine and gauss placement, dayumn.
All I could do is just spice up the middle part with some thwumps (some propulsion possible there if timing got right)

Oh man.

I don't mind you starting the collaboration. I've been busy with college and crap, but it's starting to tone down. Sorry to hear about your computer situation. It seems to happen a lor to you. D:

Hey. You want to collab again? :s

Have an AGD, too.

We've gotta collab again sometime.
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still love this

one of my favorites out of many collabs I have done.

happy to collab

turned out pretty nice
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But they suddenly zapped in corners. 4/5


Tacit, we were trying to make a map thats different to others, using the NaN'd thwumps. the door key is meant to me impossible too.

thanks sayko!

but it was actually trances idea to make the thumps NaN'd

AGD (not too fast)

I can't say that I understood the mechanics good enough. I don't know why for this switch-door and how to get it. I don't know which way to collect all gold is right. And I not quite understand the reason of all these twhumps. IMO, using bounse-blocks might some better (but maybe not, since I understand nothing in mapmaking) So, 4
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Lame AGD

Wow, you can map even with broken thwumps :D

Great map.

4,5/5 ^
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