28-2 Clouded Thoughts

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Author R3D_N1NJ4
Tags 28-2 3 author:r3d_n1nj4 episodes freedom series unrated
Created 2013-08-21
Last Modified 2014-01-24
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a bit more harder than my usual maps. made this map a week or so ago then forgot about it. anyway, hope you enjoy and give feedback.

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hey man

sorry for late responding
here's a tileset for collab:
but I wonder if it's really good for a map.

yo R3D

I'm doing collab episode, wanna make somethin together?


Chaingun is the only one real difficulty in this map, IMO. In other aspects this map is not quite harder than your other maps. But tileset is really amazing and gameplay is fun. 5
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you made a cool tileset
and then ruined it


I simply can't do epic moves.
How do I learn to be that quick (fast jumping, walljumping, running, etc)?

almost forgot

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