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Author simplehell
Tags author:simplehell dda rated
Created 2013-08-24
Last Modified 2013-08-24
by 6 people.
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Description Very curvy DDA with sharp DDA action. Also playtested by Mohit_Ghune.

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When's your next DDA coming?

It'll be hard!

Nice DDA, btw. You definitely have potential!
why did you need someone to play-test it though? :P


NReality maps on numa can be found by searching "NReality" in the search bar in the top right corner. Have fun!
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Unicorn, give simplehell some time....he will slowly but surely get hold of everything in ddas...

p.s. thnx for credit :)

Meh, I find this DDA a bit too empty. Didn't enjoy it, no catchy close calls.

This was nice!

Great to see DDA on an large area! 5/5

Nice dda dude!

it takes a while for people's maps to be seen (unless you're ALWAYS online...) so sometimes it's necessary to be patient.

5/5 for awesomeness. :)
may I please have some attention?