Ninja Song

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Author woutery
Tags author:woutery music rated
Created 2013-08-24
Last Modified 2013-08-24
by 5 people.
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Description It's music in N-Ninja.

To Ors: the image map was done a week ago but school started and mom is being a b¡tch to me so i didn't have time to put it on Numa yet. Sorry.

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very neat

demo is jsut me fucking around
Demo Data

and don't call ur mom a 'bitch' that's indecent.. :)
My music is **** on your map.

music map? lol what?
I must check it out when I'll be alone, I rarely play with sound on. ; d
I assume this is based off of asomething?

This was neat.

Actually I have an N-reality music map in progress. =D And my computer doesn´t work, so I can use my computer only on weekends. I can use school lap top now because my father is teacher.