Enter the Hell (fixed)

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Author simplehell
Tags author:simplehell dda unrated
Created 2013-08-27
Last Modified 2013-08-27
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Map Data

Description Hehe, whoops. I had to edit the level just a bit. Now it's fixed.

DESCRIPTION FOR ORIGINAL: Following Mohit_Ghune's advice, I abandoned launchpads.

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right to the thumbnail of the map is the following data (example for my ctr
Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune ctr ctrdda dda dragon unrated
Created 68 mins ago
Last Modified 32 mins ago
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Map Data.............

there you can select appropriate number of 'ninja' from the drop down menu...and then press rate....

i generally start by placing the ninja, then i replace rocket launcher at somen appropriate place....then i decide a path...and then i start implementing it...give the map a week or two....and then ta da
recently I have submitted only CTTRDDAs. You cant make an open CTR, because if the ctr crosses itself at some point than it is REALLY difficult to make up both ways on the intersection... if you see my previous maps, you will see 'openness'..
that's why it's so hard to beat, but done correctly, it's a really short and easy map. Just practice a bit! Hone your skills.

great work...

u r learning pretty quickly...
launchpads are considered as easy propulsion..its great u avoided them..

Cool logo

short dda...