Enter The Dragon

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Author Mohit_Ghune
Tags author:mohit_ghune ctr ctrdda dda dragon hlctrdda rated
Created 2013-08-31
Last Modified 2020-06-16
by 24 people.
Map Data

Description I made this map quite a time ago. Subbing this today as a celebration for my 500th level in Top20 in speedrunning
Level Top20 ranking table []
500!! This is half of the total levels in NReality. ^_^

The tileset is meant to look like a dragon, which I failed in doing (I think). Thanks to Invalid [] for his help.
Here is the map history: See here!! []
Edit: Forgot to mention, it is a Hold Left CTRDDA.

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I apologise for never seeing your maps...I must say you are an absolute wizard! love your maps

That dragon

is cute
I'm a terrible critic / easily impressed with DDAs, but I liked this a lot. Nice job!

thanks though it is nothing compared to this map :)

thanks though you seem to be my only supporter xD

I'm sorry, bud.

I get the same avatar, even when I try to change my avatar. The site must be broken in another way. :(

Yeah lol

It's based off this. []


I'll make a new one when I get my computer back. (Next week or weekend)
I can't make more of them. Someone has done those maps before. Maybe I stil continue on level 4+

aw come on there is a bat and a ghost in the map..


That's amazing! Ninja looks like carrying the rocket to the door :D


just saw it myself.. does not make me any happier about mapping..


Your Demo

does not seem to work.

did it.

thanks for the suggestion.

fantastic work

i like it simple. well done


but can be still improved in a couple of spots...
Demo Data
This is one of my favourite DDAs ever. Absolutely loved the slopes! It must have taken ages to get that right!

This dragon

Is a dragon


This was cool. 5/5

Nice map.

But for the sake of the celebration, I'd like to really compliment you on your runs. You are dang quick! I like your innovations and flow, you're always smooth. Keep it up man!


Awesome DDA
Demo Data

I got you wrong.

500 rankings is even cooler! Congrats!


Demo Data


this was cool. tre cool
I have to test this when I get back to computer.


I'll give you a live via

Rated 5/5

They're mainly CTRs.
but somehow they always turn out great aesthetically and DDAwise... how do you accomplish this?