0220. RUSTY

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Tags 3x3 author:vodkalover perplex unrated
Created 2013-08-31
Last Modified 2013-09-06
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Description Not rusty at all...
This one here has puzzle aspects, so you should think a bit. You should investigate to see and know how it works. A quite new concept and I had not seen anything like that in such small space before. It is a fairly interesting one and I had not did something like this unti now, so I'm pretty proud of this little 3x3. There are several solutions, and it will not be easy. Challenging as well. Good luck and enjoy!

EDIT: I will update this and present it also to perplex since Raif, regular player, considered it as a good puzzle. Thank you.

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bitch please Eddy,

2 more frames shaved off..
definitely maxed now...
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Los tres patitos. Fun map :D
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2 more frames here, maxed? I'd say one no. Fun map :D
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I feel this one is more puzzly than the other one.
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Having unread comments on a map is everytime such a nice feeling, even if it's just uneeded nonsense like this comment.
you know... ;)
But you should still expect some more surprising and newfangled ones that I have already... Them are coming. XD

I havenĀ“t

seen this idea before. How do you find them?

clean, well done Raif!
btw, you found the solution for AGD? ;)


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nice is a very unstable box ; d


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Go! And discover how it works the little box!