Phantom Corridors

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Author Nexx
Tags author:nexx concept featured image-map numacon perplex puzzle rated
Created 2013-09-01
Last Modified 2013-09-10
by 10 people.
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Description My perplex [] entry. Has this been done before?

As you move around in this map, your mirrored path gets sealed off. Try to get all the switches without locking yourself in!

Edit: Here [] is a bigger exhibition of this concept.

This map was featured on 2014-06-11

In the mirrored halls of Nexx’s caves,
Encased by magic walls built by knaves,
Lay twisting tunnels with horror doors,
The eerie nature of phantom corridors.
Puzzle maps: They are a rare breed these days—made even rarer when qualified by being of excellent quality. Sure, you could cheat by looking at other demos, but I implore that you try to figure it out for yourself first. — ska

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You're welcome...

nice puzzle!
Thanks for feature! :D


on the feature
Great review too. Really awesome map. I've never seen a puzzle map like this before. How did you get the doors at the exit to look like that?

Feel free, you wouldn't be stepping on my toes, but I appreciate you asking.

Feel free, you wouldn't be stepping on my toes, but I appreciate you asking.

found !

really impressive maze
Demo Data
felt very old-school in style and execution...
the reason this won was because it was the only map to place in all three of the judges' top five (as well as being really good).




Thanks for the compliment. However, it's hardly a certain thing. For the 2011 NumaCon AmazeUs, my decently well received puzzle maze (link []) didn't even place in the top 5 (results link []). And there weren't any nuances to the maze theme, whereas for Perplex, it said puzzle but then specifically added "bonus points to jumpers". So yeah, honestly, I expected not to place again.
In all seriousness, congratumalations. ^^

First try path AGD.

Neat, but not very challenging. Reminded me of your Graph Theory, which I prefer muchly.
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Glad the judges liked it! I've been very happy with the reception of this map. I thought it might be too small to really show off the concept.

My route, although I imagine it's one of the solutions given, haven't watched anyone else's demoes.
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For winning perplex!
but it wasnt really the inspiration for my map.
Imo its a different gameplay


Awesome map. Opposite of ska's route.
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sub 1000 frame agd

same as nexx's
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Demo Data

first try AGD

lol. just tried to go back the path I already "triggered" as much as possible.
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Actually, you and I have the same path, you just do the left side first while I do the right side first. Look at the end of our demos and you'll see that the same set of trapdoors have been triggered. Meanwhile, 1211's path is our path mirrored; again, you can tell by the pattern of trapdoors at the end.

Nexx, You and I had the same path.. just mirrored. 1211 took a another path. So that means there are 4 solutions. Cause you can mirror his.

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Death demo

at least I unlocked every door...
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Got the solution! Very cool though.
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And they are horizontal mirrors of each other.

One solution:
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