The Grid

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Author anco
Tags author:anco perplex puzzle unrated
Created 2013-09-01
Last Modified 2013-09-01
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Description Puzzle. I hope it isn't *too* obvious.

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a bit, check it out (the rocket does get through). Search for- the grid by anco
Good luck next time, if you do just as well you have a very high chance of winning.

Great job here

great puzzle

stop making such clean maps
and this one is really really well-made. Faved.
But currently, it's not worth it; there needs to be more gold. My demo below is completion. AGD has got to be at least, what, 2100 if you're really fast? More gold.
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really nicely made. AGD
Demo Data

slow AGD

there's probably a faster way. I still really like it, but beating it I didn't feel like i'd solved it as much as I'd gotten lucky and found a way to do it. But that might of just been my particular experience rather than the map design. Love the look of it though, and the overall design. really nice. I wonder if the single gold pieces are worth it in terms of time? Maybe they are, but feels like they'd need a lot more set up time than just the bigger pattern of gold down the bottom and exit key, and that extra set up time wouldn't be worth the amount of gold you collect. Visually it looks really nice though (gold wise, and overall). 4 and faved! :)
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Really love this so far. A lot.